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Mike Liles Partners with Seattle Angel to Educate Investors on Regulation A+

Mike Liles, Jr., Shareholder at Karr Tuttle Campbell will join Seattle Angel on August 4 to inform the organization’s investors about the opportunities Regulation A+ offers small private companies to make an IPO every 12 months with lessened regulation. Mr. Liles will speak on “A Mini-IPO as a Professional Investor Liquidity Event.” Mr. Liles has extensive experience in corporate finance and securities work. He has been the primary legal adviser in over 30 major public offerings, the majority of them initial public offerings, and an equal number of major mergers and acquisitions. He is a principal draftsperson of “SCOR,” the Small Company Offering Registration, a simplified public offering procedure developed for use in Washington State, which was later adopted by most other states and by the SEC.

Seattle Angel provides an environment for any accredited investor to participate in early stage angel investing in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle Angel is a fresh approach to early-stage angel investing. Seattle Angel brings together new and experienced accredited investors living in greater Seattle and leverages their combined knowledge, resources, and experiences to find and fund early stage startups in the Pacific Northwest. They focus on inclusiveness, informality, and collaboration. They welcome new investors and provide opportunities to learn, including collaboration with seasoned investors and investment workshops.

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