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Journalist… Lawyer… High Roller… & Fan | the King County Bar Bulletin Features Eugene Barton

That rare occurrence happened this month when Paul Brown, a fellow Shareholder here, walked into his office and congratulated him on the great profile the King County Bar Association did on him in its most recent issue of the Bar Bulletin. This was confusing to Gene because, as editor of the Bar Bulletin, he had read, edited and re-read the publication numerous times before sending it to print, and the attorney profile he had approved for the August issue featured an attorney in the private sector. When his copies of the Bar Bulletin arrived at his office, he dutifully placed them in his dedicated drawer without looking at them, as he always does. Paul came back to Gene’s office and placed his own copy on Gene’s desk, opened to the Profile. Gene looked down in disbelief at the caricature of himself on the page, smiling in a Karr Tuttle Campbell baseball uniform.

Jim Austin, another Karr Tuttle Campbell Shareholder, along with the staff at the KCBA and other conspirators, pulled a fast one on Gene. After his final approval, they switched out that other attorney profile with another Jim secretly wrote. Moreover, they kept it under wraps until Paul waltzed into Gene’s office after publication. Gene is taking the whole thing in stride. He enjoys editing the Bar Bulletin, and is glad to have such a great team working on the publication with him. He is also extremely thankful to his friend and colleague, Jim, for writing the profile.

Gene first joined Karr Tuttle Campbell as a summer associate in 1995, and has been with the firm ever since. He is a valuable member of our team, and we congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition. To read the attorney profile in full, view the PDF below or visit the King County Bar Association’s website here.

Journalist… Lawyer… High Roller… & Fan