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White Collar Criminal Investigations & Defense


For anyone with a business to run and reputation to uphold, an investigation by a government agency poses a formidable challenge. Such investigations have both civil and criminal overtones, and can easily threaten one’s livelihood and business operations. When faced with even the possibility of an investigation into potential criminal wrongdoing, it is extremely valuable to have experienced, high-quality defense counsel to protect one’s rights and develop the best possible strategy and defense to the investigation. Very often it is the initial steps and having “feet on the ground” that sets the tone and lays the groundwork toward eventual success.


Our White Collar team is headed by Ronald Friedman, a graduate of Harvard Law School with over 20 years federal prosecutorial experience. Ron is consistently recognized as one of “Best Lawyers in America” in the area of White Collar Criminal Defense. We have ample experience with all aspects of defense, from conducting an internal investigation on behalf of a business to protecting individuals who may be the subject of an investigation. We have successfully defended numerous individuals as well as businesses caught in the “crosshairs” of a government investigation. We are deeply committed to doing all that is possible to successfully navigate such challenges across a wide array of industries.

To date, we have helped many clients successfully avoid charges and fines entirely, reduced their exposure, or obtained dismissal of charges. While the results achieved in any case will vary depending upon its uniqueness, we have found persistence, clarity of objective, and commitment to principle to be keys to success.

Representative Matters

  • Represented the president of a hospital services corporation in federal criminal case alleging securities fraud and market manipulation.
  • Represented the president of an environmental inspection company in federal criminal case alleging conspiracy to defraud and violations of Clean Air Act; all felony charges dismissed.
  • Represented corporate employee in “insider trading” investigation; no charges brought following federal investigation.
  • Represented a major league sports franchise in DEA regulatory investigation; no charges brought.
  • Represented a retail drug store chain and pharmacists in DEA and state regulatory investigation alleging noncompliance and records violations.
  • Represented a national food manufacturer in FDA action seeking a recall; recall averted.
  • Represented mega-church in federal criminal investigation; no charges brought.
  • Represented an aircraft parts supplier in due diligence FCPA investigation.
  • Represented national engineering firm in Qui Tam civil fraud investigation; fraud charges dismissed.
  • Represented CFO of a national labor corporation in whistleblower investigation alleging accounting fraud
  • Represented CFO of a national engineering company in Department of Defense fraud investigation; no charges brought.
  • Represented CEO of an oil drilling company conducting business overseas in a criminal case alleging wire fraud and tax evasion
  • Represented physician practice in OIG kickback investigation; no charges brought following federal investigation.
  • Represented a chain of health care clinics and a corporate officer in an FDA investigation alleging unlawful importation of a misbranded drug, sale of an unapproved new drug and false statements.
  • Represented a national medical product wholesaler in an FDA investigation alleging misbranding and improper sale of merchandise. Recall averted; product deemed compliant
  • Represented a medical trauma training center in a DEA regulatory compliance investigation.
  • Represented a national environmental company in an investigation alleging violations of the Clean Water Act, RCRA and FIFRA; no charges brought following federal investigation.
  • Represented a Washington State political party official in a federal criminal investigation alleging fraud and false statement; federal indictment dismissed.
  • Represented a national drug wholesaler and distributor in an FDA criminal investigation alleging the sale of stolen merchandise; no charges brought following lengthy DOJ investigation.
  • Represented a financial investment advisor in a federal criminal case alleging bank fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and unlawful conversion; no charges brought.
  • Represented a public-school fiscal officer in an investigation alleging theft and public corruption; no charges brought
  • Represented a construction company in a State investigation alleging criminal noncompliance with construction permits
  • Represented a seafood processing company in a State investigation alleging criminal violations of fisheries law
  • Represented a media representative in an FBI investigation alleging unauthorized disclosure of classified information.
  • Represented pharmacies, pharmaceutical, and health care companies in licensing matters and regulatory compliance.