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Asset Recovery


The asset recovery attorneys at Karr Tuttle Campbell use their extensive experience coordinating and pursuing the recovery of claims and judgments to help victims recover assets from all over the world. Our clients have included individuals, trustees and companies who needed assistance in recovering losses where assets or claims have a multi-jurisdictional focus.

We understand that swift recovery is critical, and our attorneys’ experience, contacts and resources allow us to move quickly and efficiently.  Our knowledge of international legal systems and jurisdictions allow us to provide our clients with a way to overcome global bureaucratic, political, linguistic and cultural barriers.  Experience and relationships are essential to navigating the asset recovery labyrinth.

Even the most basic asset recovery can be a complex process, and it only becomes more complicated if your assets are abroad.  It is essential to begin by formulating a comprehensive, focused recovery strategy.

The Asset Recovery Process

A recovery plan typically begins with an audit of the evidence connected to offshore assets, the jurisdictions involved and the unique factual and legal issues presented.  If appropriate, we propose a plan of action setting forth a recovery strategy and outlining related costs.  At its core, asset recovery is a three-step process: identification, location, and seizure/recovery.  We have successfully recovered assets for many victims.

Representative Matters

  • Represented U.S. bankruptcy trustee to recover stolen assets of debtor who became fugitive after filing for bankruptcy
    Jurisdictions involvedBelize, Canada, France, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Washington
  • Represented U.S. creditors unwittingly involved in an international Ponzi scheme headquartered in central Texas which involved fraudulent investments of approximately $90 million. On behalf of clients we exposed and set up for Federal agents to gather, prosecute and indict: corporate counsel, government lawyer, and perpetrator.
    Jurisdictions involved: Texas, Arkansas, California, Panama, Costa Rica and BVI
  • Recovered approximately $3.4 million for a U.S. widow in funds moved from Switzerland, Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man. A trust was set up by now-deceased husband, but the brokers for the offshore insurance and trusts attempted to keep the money.  Pressure on the local financial services commission and investigators and a threat – via English counsel – of injunctive relief led to the release of funds.
    Jurisdictions involved: Switzerland, Guernsey, Jersey, Bahamas, China and Isle of Man
  • Retrieved over $3 million for a U.S. individual from a fraudulent scheme of offshore investments and insurance. Defendants are being sued in several domestic and international courts. Our client is to date the only party to regain any monies. The case involved multiple offshore jurisdictions and over $500 million in dishonestly obtained funds.
    Jurisdictions involved: Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, BVI, Anguilla and Nevis
  • Recovered $3 million for U.S. financial institution. Our efforts prevented the perpetrator from moving assets offshore and successfully seized funds despite efforts by opposing counsel to establish the fraudulent scheme.
    Jurisdictions involved: Washington, Belize and Panama
  • Represented a U.S. individual in one hundred and ten percent recovery of his money in a sham intellectual property investment where proceeds were diverted offshore. Recovered over $1 million.  The persons responsible were ultimately found criminally liable and are serving time in federal prison.
    Jurisdictions involved: Washington
  • Assisted international counsel in locating and seizing $30 million for an aggrieved party in international multi-national investment securities scheme.
    Jurisdictions involved:BVI