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Toxic Substances Litigation


Karr Tuttle Campbell attorneys have represented numerous clients in toxic substance claims. These lawsuits included profound public policy considerations and issues on the cutting edge of tort and environmental law.

Representative Matters

  • Asbestos Litigation.  The firm and its litigators have represented a large variety of enterprises, from manufacturers to shipyards, in hundreds of lawsuits related to asbestos exposure, many of which involved serious illnesses and deaths.  The aggregate amount of damages claimed in these cases has been in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  The attorneys responsible for handling the asbestos litigation have received extensive training in asbestos product content and manufacture, application standards and practice, federal government product specifications, medical aspects of asbestos exposure, and the development of knowledge concerning the hazards of asbestos exposure.
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Litigation.  Karr Tuttle Campbell represented a national brewing company in fetal alcohol syndrome cases filed in Western Washington.  These cases, alleging that maternal drinking caused fetal alcohol syndrome, were the first of such claims to be filed in the United States against manufacturers of alcoholic beverages.  After extensive investigation and discovery in the cases, the plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed the cases that involved our firm’s client.
  • Potline Palsy Litigation.  Karr Tuttle Campbell represented a major international construction company in federal court in a case in which 29 workers in an aluminum smelting plant claimed that exposure to fumes caused them to suffer from a neurological syndrome that had never before been documented.  Damages claimed were in the many millions of dollars.
  • Formaldehyde Litigation.  Karr Tuttle Campbell lawyers have defended manufacturers of insulation used in mobile homes in numerous cases that involved allegations of  neurological damage due to the inhalation of fumes.
  • PCB Litigation.   The firm coordinated and assisted with selection of counsel in a substantial number of PCB chemical cases throughout the western United States.
  • E. coli Litigation.  Karr Tuttle Campbell represented a national fast food restaurant chain in the Washington State personal injury actions arising from the consumption of food products allegedly containing E. coli.  In addition, Karr Tuttle Campbell served as national supervising counsel, charged with the direction and coordination of the defense of similar cases in five other western states.
  • Latex Glove Litigation.  Karr Tuttle Campbell represented a major national manufacturer and distributor of latex gloves in many cases brought in state and federal courts in Washington by health care personnel claiming damages due to allergic reactions to latex gloves used while administering care to patients.