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Karr Tuttle Announces New Practice Area: False Claims Act & Qui Tam Action Defense

Karr Tuttle Campbell announced the formation of a new practice group that will be knows as False Claims Act and Qui Tam Action Defense.  Attorneys Ronald J. Friedman and Brett A. Elliott will make up the defense team.

Ronald Friedman is a former federal prosecutor with over 20 years of federal prosecution experience and, in addition, supervised federal grand juries for 6 years. Ron’s practice is diverse and he has been successful in helping people and businesses navigate difficult and challenging problems.

Brett Elliott, who led several False Claims Act investigations during her time as a trial attorney in the Fraud Section at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Division in Washington D.C., where the nation’s most significant False Claims Act cases are developed and civilly prosecuted.
At Karr Tuttle, Ron and Brett have combined their experience to successfully assist corporations and individuals responding to such investigations.  Their experience includes defense in the healthcare and construction industries, and their experience includes all aspects of defense, from conducting an internal investigation on behalf of a business, to formulating a response strategy to the investigation, and successfully interacting with the government to address and resolve the matter.