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KTC Employment Department to Host Seminar: “2015 Update: Future Trends in Labor and Employment Law”

As an added-value service for our clients, the Labor and Employment Department will host a 2015 Update seminar on Labor and Employment Law.

Richard Omata will present on a range of topics, including:

  • the NLRB’s continuing incursion into the nonunion workplace
  • the DOL’s proposed regulations on exempt employees
  • employment protection for same-sex spouses and transgendered employees
  • the intersection of FMLA and PTO leave
  • an update on when preparatory and concluding activities are compensable
  • the employment status of your subcontractor’s employees
  • protecting your company’s secrets
  • the city of Seattle’s new minimum wage
  • proposed legislation

Mr. Omata is the Chair of Karr Tuttle Campbell’s Labor and Employment Department. His practice encompasses both employment relations and employment litigation. He has represented public and private employers in cases before city, state and federal agencies and has litigated in state and federal court cases involving a wide variety of allegations.

To register for this seminar, click here. If you have any other questions, contact Jessica Hales.